Fun, Faith, Friends

It is our mission to help your children to make new friends, have a lot of fun and grow in their faith! Our awesome team of volunteers is ready to welcome your children for a fun program with the Mini’s (age 0 – 4) and Heroes (age 5- 12) for worship, story time (Bible based) and activities in small groups.

The cKids team receives all parents at the Family Entrance. Here, you can connect with our team who will explain to you where all the kids rooms are and introduce you to the rest of the team. The children start directly in their own rooms.

Please make sure to be on time so that there is enough time to introduce you to the team.

Ministries 1
Ministries 2

Youth & Young Adults

Born to stand out not to fit in

God explains in his word that we are called to be in this world but we are not from this world. This is what we teach our youth with ‘hang-outs’, ‘youth nights’ and ‘one on one relationships’ we want to help the next generation find God and strengthen their faith and DNA in Christ.

“Romans 12:2 ‘Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is Good and acceptable and perfect.”

Celebration Youth (age 12 – 18)
SUB30 (age 18 – 30)

Brotherhood & Sisterhood

Our men and women gatherings are all about connecting, empowering and discipling men and women of all ages.

Sisterhood helps women to discover their true identity in Christ, and walk out their God-given assignment, together with other women in our church family.

Brotherhood gatherings (such as 24 uur van de man, XXL Men’s event) empower and disciple men to step into becoming the Priest of their homes and walk out their God-given assignment in their families, workplaces, and communities.

Ministries 3
Ministries 4


At times in our lives, we may need extra help for some issues that are disturbing us. We have an experienced Care-team of experienced and enthusiastic followers of Jesus Christ who would like to help you.

We are here to listen, pray and encourage you through Bible principles. If you are struggling with life, have fears related to the past or having difficulty with relationships or family we would love to hear from you and give you spiritual support.

Food Kitchen

On the first Friday of each month the Food Kitchen is open from 17:00-20:00 for anyone who is up for a warm meal and some good company.

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Ministries 6

Clothing Bank

The first Saturday of each month (except in July and August) the church is open from 09.30-11.30 to offer clothing, coffee and conversation. Those in need are welcome to come and choose suitable clothes for themselves and their families from our large selection of clothing and footwear, as well as taking home linens and toys. Join us for a cup of coffee, snacks and a chance to chat while you find clothing to suit you.

Missions: Outreach

Celebration Church Netherlands seeks to reach out to our local community through service both by individuals and by the church community.

We supports a number of missionaries and Christian ministries worldwide. It is our joy to be a part of what they are doing through prayer and financial support.

Ministries 7

Mirte Jorine in Africa

I’m Mirte Jorine ter Wal (37). Soon after I gave my life to Christ (2012), God asked me to let go of my house, job and country and called me into mission. I served for two years on the Logos Hope from Operation Mobilization. (2016).

It was in my time on the Logos Hope that God opened my heart for Africa. Currently, I’m studying at All Nations Christian College in the UK. I’m enjoying my studies but it’s all preparation to serve long-term in Africa!

I feel called to go the rural and remote places, where there is no church and where the Gospel is not proclaimed. All for His Glory, His love, truth and grace to the ends of the earth.

Thank you for your prayers!

Erika in Thailand

Since 1,5 years I live and work fulltime in Pattaya, a city in Thailand with 30.000 women who are trapped in prostitution. I came here because I love Jesus and a few years ago, I was drawn to the city of Pattaya during my time of prayer. I did not know the city but burst out in tears. I said: “Lord, if these are your tears for this city, then I want to go there to explore.” In 2016 I stopped in Pattaya for one day while traveling Thailand. I was able to meet with Nella, the founder of Tamar Center. In that same year I returned for 3 months to teach English in the red light district. The intriguing stories behind the beautiful smiles of the women got a hold of me and I decided to leave everything behind and embark on this journey.

At this stage I am here on a student visa and am focusing on learning the Thai language. Besides that I am involved in music workshops for the women of Tamar. Together with Nella and Nerys we are also discussing and brainstorming plans for a future counseling center. On Fridays we lead a church service in the red light district. We also are involved with outreach in bars.

Besides that I am helping a good Thai friend of mine. She has been a prostitute and has lived for 12 years in the Tamar Center. Since two years, she has her own hair salon and reaches out to the women in the bars. Recently the Lord impressed on her to buy prostitutes free for an evening so they can attend a Bible study. God also impressed on my heart to support my friend financially. Together we are stepping out in faith and God has blessed us tremendously. We started in her hair salon with 8 women and currently we have a new big space where we can receive weekly 30 women. In the mornings I used to work out along the beach, but currently I make music at the beach and build friendship with the homeless people who sleep there. God is good and it is a quite an adventure to listen to his voice and to share his love. My mission is “healing wounded hearts by sharing his love”.

Erika in Thailand
Thijmen & Margot Bekkers

T & M in the Middle East

Thijmen & Margot Bekkers have been living in the Middle East with their children Tirza and Joab for the last 3 years. Thijmen works as a physics researcher and Margot takes care of the family. She is fully occupied with learning the language and besides that she still works in the field of communication for clients. Tirza and Joab are both in school. They speak the language fluently and are completely included in their groups of friends.

The mission they have received from God is to build relationships with the local population and to bring the good news to them in this way.

Prayer and thank-you points:

  • The company of T is growing, not very quickly, but the development is positive. Keep praying for steady growth.
  • Please pray for the well-being of the children and the whole family. They are well integrated but understandably they also have challenges in such a different culture and environment. Pray also for their health.
  • Pray for God’s guidance. The situation in the country is tough for the population. Many contacts and friends of the family have left or are planning to leave the country. This feels like a loss of course after years of building relationships and having sown hope into their lives. Pray for encouragement for the family, for guidance and confirmation in every step they take.
  • The family is extremely grateful to everyone who prays for them, encourages them, and also to everyone who financially supports them.

Richard and Pita Zevenbergen in Brazil

Richard and Pita Zevenbergen have been missionaries in Brazil since 2005. God called them to Brazil to train missionaries and to urge the Brazilian church to do mission work. Richard is an ordained Pastor of the VPE and of the Brazilian Assemblies of God. Pita takes care of their three sons, Rafael 12 yrs, Christoph 9 yrs and Michael 8 yrs old, and teaches languages in the mission school.

Ministries 8

Missions: Partners & Projects

Celebration Church Netherlands seeks to reach out to our local community through service both by individuals and by the church community.

We supports a number of missionaries and Christian ministries worldwide. It is our joy to be a part of what they are doing through prayer and financial support.

Ministries 9

Celebration Church Paris

Celebration Paris is a church plant that is currently meeting in a café and homes as they are building community. Celebration Church Netherlands is helping them during this phase by covering some of their rental costs. We also donated a portable sound system.

Please pray for the team, for the pastors Loic and Aurelie Salaun and their precious kids, and for the spiritual climate of the city of Paris. They are passionate to see God’s kingdom expand in the city of Paris.


Celebration Church supports missions organization OneHope in the development of an online outreach program that reaches young people in the 10/40 window with the gospel of the kingdom.

In partnership with local churches, ministries, and governments around the world, OneHope has reached more than one billion children and youth with God’s Word. Based on in-country research OneHope conducts, programs are developed that help children and young people engage with scripture in a way that is relevant for their age and culture. Since 1987, OneHope has helped kids experience God’s story, sharing the life-changing message of hope with children and youth in every country.

Ministries 10
Ministries 11

Celebration Church Zimbabwe & OneChild

Celebration Church Zimbabwe, in partnership with OneChild, is involved with school feeding programs to provide a healthy meal for children. They also support children by financing their school fees.

By the end of 2019 Celebration Church Zimbabwe will feed 85.000 children on a daily basis. Celebration Church Netherlands was able to support 14 teenage children who were left without a sponsor.

Check out these links for more information on these ministries:


The first 10% of our 10% missions giving is going to outreach projects in the nation of Israel. We base this practice on what we read in Romans 11:16 where the apostle Paul puts it this way: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” We also read in the Bible that God blesses those who bless Israel and want to be obedient in this way.

Our main partner currently is the Beit Hallel Congregation in Ashdod, a messianic congregation that reaches out to the large Ukrainian Jewish community in the city. They are serving people in practical ways who live in impoverished neighborhoods in their city and beyond, thereby building a bridge between the congregation and the locals.

Ministries 12

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