Share your testimony
If you have a testimony about what God is doing in your life, we would love to hear about it!

God is moving in the life of our church as we align our lives to the Kingdom of God and begin demonstrating loyalty to Jesus through baptisms, tithing and giving, operating as the priest of the home, honoring the Sabbath on Friday nights and leading others in communion, serving our local city, and more! If you have a testimony of God doing something in your life, we would love to know!

Simply follow the instructions below.

Testimony submission process

  1. Step one: Process what your testimony is and compile it
  2. Step two: Practice saying your testimony out loud in under two minutes
  3. Step three: Follow the guidelines for submitting your testimony via writing or recording

Tips for submitting a testimony

  • Stand with enough room for us to view you while you are speaking. Be sure your entire face is in the shot.
  • Do not angle your camera too high or too low. Keep it straight forward and far enough away so that we can see your entire head and upper body.
  • Speak loud enough for the room to hear you!
  • Practice your story a few times before recording to get comfortable with your words and timing.
  • Speak slowly! Do not rush through your story.
  • Try to consolidate your story to the main key points.
  • Play your story back before you submit it and be sure you can see and hear yourself accurately before uploading your media.

    Who are you?

    Do you attend Celebration Church?


    Your testimony

    Is this your testimony or are you submitting this testimony on behalf of another individual?

    This is my testimonyI am sharing someone else’s testimony

    Upload Your Testimony Video

    Write out your testimony if you prefer not to submit a video testimony.

    Testimony Consent & Agreement

    I am willing to allow my testimony to be shared on social media, through a photo or video


    I am willing to share my testimony on stage if I attend Celebration Church


    I wish that my testimony would not be shared on any platform


    We created a bug tracker to request your feedback and tell us when something is wrong. We are looking forward to receive your feedback.

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